Fun Freebies!

Here is a fun freebie that I found while looking on online. You sign up for a e-mail newsletter they send you some granola and a granola bar for free, and then if you don't like the e-mail newsletter, you can always unsubscribe. I e-mailed it to some people, but I wasn't sure who else was interested in it.

Tasty Treats

So, our Wednesday night Bible class for the young marrieds is a small, but fun class. We have finally picked a study, and the youngest... being me, got to teach first. I love food especially baking, so I wanted to make something. Well, all of us are trying to be healthy and some even dieting, so I knew I should take that into consideration. Grant was awesome and helped me come up with different things I could bring to munch on... only problem was each one was fatty and the last resort was always cookies. Cookies are great,but not very nice when most people can eat them and one or two can't and are trying not to. So, I decided that if I brought in strawberries that would be healthy, and I could cover a few with chocolate so we each get one unhealthy strawberry, and the rest would be better and just as good.

I wanted a visual because I forgot to take any pictures of mine, so I am not as cool as whoever made these strawberries, but we can pretend that I was. Mine were tasty and not a pretty,but since no one was expecting it, it was fun. I don't know how well me teaching went, but I know that at least my strawberries were good.

Last Week:
So, Wilson likes apple crumb pie according to Tanya, and I love baking, and Tanya has her hands full with the girls and doesn't always have the change to bake. Thus, I decided to bake a apple crumb pie. I LOVE pies! I was the weird kid growing up that had pies instead of birthday cakes cause they are so much cooler.

I ended up having too much dough, so I made two little pies intending them for the girls, but I ended up taking the to work as dessert on two different days which was an awesome treat! Wilson said he liked the pies, and I thought it was pretty good and an improvement from the first apple crumb pie that I ever made so that is always nice.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

So, I wanted to go and see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince opening night. I wasn't sure where we wanted to go see it, but we ended up hearing about a place called the Alamo Drafthouse. This is a Movie Theater chain that has locations all over Texas and I think a few out of state. Grant was a great sport, and was very willing to come see it with me at midnight on July 14th which I think was a Tuesday.

What makes this movie theater special, is that you have your own servers as shown above that wait on you throughout the whole movie if you need either food or drinks of any form.

Grant took a picture for me of part of the theater. You can see it is kind of like a dinner theater where you eat and watch at the same time. There is a row of seats and then a small top that stretches across the whole isle.

Here is an example of the table tops. You get a menu at the beginning and decide what you want to order, then they have pieces of paper where you can write the things down during the movie, and if the waiter sees a piece of paper, they will come pick it up and get your order processed.

All of the food is made in house, obviously it isn't too cheap, but if you don't get that much food or stuff to drink you should be fine. Also, this was a special occasion!!! The opening night of HARRY POTTER ;p. Anyway, Grant got his really good pizza with spinach, sundried tomatoes, and lot of cheese. Before we came to this we had, had dinner at an elder's house in our church and had met a couple that were missionaries in Thailand. We had eaten a lot of good food there, so we weren't expecting to eat a lot at the movies. I got a chocolate molten cake which was delicious! Sorry I don't have a before picture, but I didn't want to disturb anyone during the movie to have Grant take a picture.

Since it was the Harry Potter movie, they had about 5 to 6 dishes that were English favorites from treackle tart to Mrs. Weasley's onion soup. We ended up not getting them because of the prices, but I did get some butter beer which was a very interesting,but tasty treat. They also have a Harry Potter Feast where you pay a lot more, it isn't on opening night, but all of the food you can eat is included... I just wanted to see the movie as soon as possible.

It cracked me up how this place had it own version of platform 9 3/4. Grant and I are cool enough to have been at the one in London, but this was good enough. Also, you can see that this was after the movie around 3ish, I think, so we are a bit tired.

Oh, one last thing, since it was an opening night production, the gave everyone a piece of film from this movie which was an unexpected surprise.

Grant was trying to show what part of the movie it was from,but I'll just have to tell you that it was Harry and Dumbledore in our part of the strip.


Jessica got yet another pair of shoes.

Jessica wanted me to say "something cool about them" sooo... they have cork on them..

Officially Texans!

Jess always says that we have nothing to blog about, but that is certainly not true. This past Tuesday we officially became Texas residents. Last saturday we took our cars to get them inspected, which, in the county we live in, there is a safety inspection and also a emissions inspection. Then we found out where we were suppose to register our cars at was closed on the weekends. So Jess took a day off of work Tuesday, thinking it would probably be a half day or something.... welllllll that was wrong thinking. I tried to keep my expectation very low for a day that you have to go to the DMV. Well here in Texas, we actually had to go to the county tax office to get our cars registered and get plates. Well if you are a new resident you get to have a $90 new resident tax as well. But the $355 dollars later we have our cars registered in the state of texas and we received our plates for our cars. Side note, Texas is phasing in new license plates. Well I think the newer ones do not look as masculin at the older ones, and I was hoping for some old ones. Well just did her paper work and received a set of the new license plates. Then I finished my paper work and BAM I received the older license plates!!! AWESOME!!!

There is a sweet picture of the "Rally Racer" as my friend from college use to call it. The funny part about this truck is that I bought it from my brother-in-law that lived in Texas. I registered it in Arkansas but never took the inspection sticker off the windshield until this past Saturday. Now it is full circle and the ol' Rally Racer is in its home state. Well the county tax office was surprisingly quick and easy. Then we went to the DPS (Department of Public Safety). This is the place you get your license. Well we tried to walk in the door but there was a line zig zagged all the way till the door. So after waiting for 3.5 hours and paying more money, we received our 8 by 11 sheets of paper that were our temperary license until then came in the mail after like 3-6 weeks. An 8 by 11 sheet of paper!!!! I guess everything is bigger in Texas. So you have to carry an 8x11 sheet of paper with you where every you go. In the long run it doesn't matter because we are finally Texan residents. Since we are Texans, we can now start to officially say "Y'all", "fixen to", "coke (even though you might be getting a mountain dew it is still the general 'coke'", and all the rest of the southern slang. We can start calling people from the north.."Yanks" haha . Well I might be back with a picture of Jessica's license plate. OHH!! I almost forgot about the best part of our day. The church we have been going to has a young marrieds group. Well one of the young marrieds works at state farm insurance. Well a long story short we are saving a lot of money on our insurance!!!!! Thanks Cody.