An Icy Affair!

During Finals week, it became really cold and we got lots of freezing rain! They had to reschedule some finals since Arkansas cannot truly deal with this much ice. Here you can see our balcony.

We were kind of nervous about our car being parked so close to the street since most drivers don't know that they are doing. It is so crazy how you can see the 1/4 to 1 inch thick ice that covered everything!

You can see how far it goes all the way down the streets and throughout Searcy and other near by cities.

I have heard about yellow snow, but what about blue snow??

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My College Graduation!!!

I graduated college from the University of Central Arkansas with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design on December 13th with Suma Cum Laude! Some of my family came into town, and the Roberstons were kind enough to house them since Grant and my apartment was too small to fit more than Grant and I. Grant also graduated, but he was done officially on the 20th, but he decided not to walk.

Me getting ready for graduation.

Raya getting ready as well.

Everyone walking to the building on UCA's campus... I was already in line.

The whole area which is in the Farris Building.

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The stage before everyone was seated.

My name on the program.

Simon came down to take a picture of me like he was my dad or something; so, I was slightly annoyed!

I graduated with honors which made me number twenty three to walk, and after that most of my family had other things to do, but fortunately the ceremony was only one and a half hours long.
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My family after my graduation looking for me.

Once I was done and meeting my family.

A lot of my interior design class mates.

A group shot!
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After Graduation

The chaos of my apartment with too many people in it.

Me doing dishes after graduation.

Angie and Simon talking.

Kenny talking with my mom, this was the first time that Kenny and Angie met my parents and more of my family.

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After my graduation, before we went out to dinner, Kenny and Angie came over with their kids to hang out.

Kale hanging out in our room with Julia while she worked on sudokus.

Archie and Abby playing on our office chair; we didn't have any kids toys so they were improvising well.

Everyone having conversations.
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Thanksgiving in Austin

The morning after we arrived in Austin... everyone was still waking up, but the food was amazing.

Mia and Ally on the way to the park.

Simon digging the sandbox that they had. This playground was really cool, and it had a lot of different things to play with.

A nice picture of Wilson and Ally on the swing.
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Marvin and Ally Swinging.

Grant, Simon, and I swinging on the swing, it was a disk swing at the playground which was a lot of fun.

Another cute family picture of the Robertsons.

A Picture that I really liked of Grant and I.
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